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Aimee Duddridge - Aimee Duddridge Picard


Aimée Duddridge-Picard is a French/English mixed media artist based in San Francisco, California. Aimée began her art studies in Barcelona in 2006 at Metafora International Workshop, where she experimented with installation, sculpture, mixed media and photography. In 2007, she moved to San Francisco to attend the San Francisco Art Institute. During the next few years, she explored the possibilities of video art, installation and photography, investigating subjects such as paralanguage, the absurdity of the everyday and accepted social pressures. After receiving a BFA in New Genres in 2010, Aimée worked in various art galleries and nonprofits in San Francisco, including the Performance Art Institute, Martin Lawrence Galleries, ArtPeople Gallery and the Paule Anglim Gallery. She is currently an assistant for a Bay Area photographer, as well as works for a long-standing non profit music venue, supporting local musicians in chamber, jazz and world music. She continues her personal artistic work with a focus on collage and mixed media, and shows regularly in local galleries and art spaces.

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